Dec 28 2011

wait what wednesday: take care of u (drake vs gil scott-heron & jamie xx)

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here’s number eight, like the number of planets (after pluto got kicked out of the cool kids’ club), in this batch of wait what wednesdays. this here came to be after drake hopped on stage during a gil scott-heron show at the blue note that jamie xx snuck into to make take care of u.

the first music I made so that I could hear a different take on the music I liked, and that sort of explains this week’s track: it’s not a traditional mashup, but more of ‘version vs. version.’ drake originally sampled this gil scott-heron & jamie xx track but got rihanna to sing the hook, but who doesn’t dig gil scott-heron’s voice? I wanted to hear a version with him on the hook — hence this track, here.

the cover art here is from a little beach jaunt I took a couple weeks ago in santa cruz — sneaking around, taking pictures; that sort of thing. have a great new year’s eve, everyone — next wednesday, we’ll be a (calendar) year further into the future.

blowing tiger stripe bubbles with “go to hell” bubblegum,


Dec 26 2011

solving mysteries like wikipedia brown

biggie once said “you’re nobody til somebody kills you.” for me, the bar for noteworthiness is a little lower, and as a big fan of Wikipedia, I’ve always thought it’d be awesome to have my own page. well, today friends, Christmas came late for me, because there is now a wait what Wikipedia page

there’s some cool tidbits in there about things pre-notorious xx and it goes up until wait what wednesdays, plus there’s another page for the notorious xx. as a nerd, I think this is pretty cool. now if anyone wants to make a page for this is real life or nasd out, that’d be a great new year’s gift…

happy holidays to you and yours; looking forward to dropping this next wait what wednesday track.


Dec 21 2011

wait what wednesday: two words: night call (mos def, kanye west & freeway vs kavinsky & lovefoxxx)

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number seven (wonders of the world/minutes in heaven) of the series to give you one for each day of the week of these wait what wednesdays. this one came about from mos def, kanye, and freeway watching drive and then starting a cipher in the alley behind the movie theater to make two words: night call.

been a pretty good week — saw jay-z and kanye do watch the throne with my best friend, saw oh land play in sf, drove to LA and flew to hawaii with my girlfriend. about to jump off some cliffs into the ocean today, fly home tonight, and work on more music over the next week.

the cover art is of a beach drive around santa cruz a couple weeks ago, and I’d been listening to the drive soundtrack and thinking the synths that open this song could be cool to throw some hip hop over. mos def’s flow at the beginning of this track has that perfect percussive rhythm I was looking for, and thus the full track came to be out of the ether. until next week, happy festivus and all that

dreamchasing is an occupation — those with the job understand the process of manifestation,


Dec 14 2011

wait what wednesday: father king’s success (jay-z & nas vs emancipator)

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six — like flags or sigma — weeks in to this nice little tradition of wait what wednesdays. this one comes to you from jay-z and nas on an introspective tip, shouting from a pulpit in a cavernous cathedral while emancipator directs the orchestra to create father king’s success.

it’s been a fun week — finished up fall quarter at stanford with a total of 75 pages of group and individual papers, on the plane back from New York now after playing the delancey last night (thanks to everyone who made it out, awesome times), seeing a bunch of friends, and splitting time between my old columbia stomping grounds and the LES for a couple days. lots of good catching up.

the cover art is of my dad rocking a dope wait what shirt that he created, and found it only fitting I feature him given this week’s track title. let him know you think he looks fresh on twitter.

been fan of jay-z and nas since I was in seventh grade, and this particular track is often slept on, but I dig it. just found out about emancipator this summer with his awesome mashup of sigur ros and mobb deep — one of my favorite mashups of all time, he did a phenomenal job. this track, father’s king, has been on the study rotation, and I thought it’d provide an awesome backdrop for jay and nas.


I’ll put one foot in front of the other one,


Dec 7 2011

wait what wednesday: dangerous and sound (busta rhymes vs capital cities)

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I got five on it…here we go with the fifth installment of wait what wednesday, from busta rhymes meeting up with the capital cities crew on a beautiful southern california summer day, breaking out the instruments at a beach house in venice, and putting together dangerous and sound.

the cover art is of me and my best friend david outside a burrito shop after the north beach street fair this summer, looking to buy some $5 burritos. it was david’s birthday three days ago, but that shouldn’t deter you from wishing him a happy birthday on twitter.

I was a fan of the capital cities EP and asked them to open my album release show for me, and they graciously agreed and put on an awesome show. I played this track during soundcheck and they thought it was cool, and so played it during my set and people affirmed their approval by continuing to dance, jump around, and smile when we made eye contact.

I do it for the city ’cause you know the city love it,


Dec 5 2011

dec13: free nyc show @ the delancey

as a thank you to New York fans for all your support — and especially to everyone who shelled out to see the show at Giants Stadium with Lil Wayne — this one will be free, plus with drink specials (2-for-1 from 10-11). Come hang out, grab some drinks, and enjoy a bunch of new music I’ve been working on (along with the notorious xx and nasd out material). if you come check it out and mention this post, I’ll buy you a drink and we can talk hip hop, tales of adventure, your holiday wish list and other fascinating stuff.


Bring some friends, drink some drinks, and enjoy an awesome Tuesday night out. Let us know if you’re coming on facebook, we’ll have posters, shirts and good music — looking forward to seeing you there! and cheers to my man will reid for this awesome poster:

[facebook rsvp here]



Nov 30 2011

wait what wednesday: john in emerald hillz (lil wayne & rick ross vs 0SM)

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four, as in what you yell when a golf ball goes astray, or the number of musketeers if you count d’Artagnan (spoiler alert), is also the number of this wait what wednesday, from lil wayne and rick ross drinking a whole bunch of cherry cola and playing sonic the hedgehog way past their bedtime at a sleepover with 0SM, they came back with john in emerald hillz.

the photo is from this summer when I was in Bali after the Bangkok show, and we did a 3:00 am hike up the tallest mountain in Bali (or so we were told). we hit the top near sunrise, and got this hazy looking view of a body of water and some other mountains. or some might even call them emerald hills.

this track came about because some of my good friends are in the electronic/dance scene in LA and producing some awesome stuff as 0SM — this track plays off the sonic the hedgehog music for the emerald hills level. also, since this is a special week, I made a music video for this one:

check out more of 0SM’s awesome stuff on their SoundCloud. spread the word like a kid tweaking out the margins on a term paper.

cause everyday we oughta have pesos,


Nov 23 2011

wait what wednesday: raconte-moi une histoire sur le ciel (kanye west & lupe fiasco vs m83)

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three’s company: presenting the third little ditty in the series of wait what wednesday tracks, from kanye west and lupe fiasco dreaming big while skipping rocks and playing with frogs at a lake with m83 to create raconte-moi une histoire sur le ciel.

the photo is from one of the islands off vancouver, and I took it this summer in the midst of a day of kayaking, eating picnic sandwiches, and finding starfish.

check out the m83 album if you haven’t, as it’s likely to start popping up on a lot of people’s best-of-2011 lists (and you gotta be in the know, right?). to my US people, have a great thanksgiving and take a firm stance on capitalism on black friday. to everyone else, hope your week delivers on your hopes and dreams, and check back here for new tracks every week. stand on a box and shout it out like my people at speakers’ corner.

that’s not ironic girl, I love rugrats,


Nov 16 2011

wait what wednesday: bonfire for clay (childish gambino vs bloc party)

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round two: fight! second installment of wait what wednesday, from childish gambino and bloc party talking about identity, solitude, and desires to disappear while in a brooklyn jaunt to make a bonfire for clay.

the photo is from a show I played at fashion week in toronto last year for ashley rowe‘s show. she set up a warehouse with a bunch of cool props, including old bathtubs with these candles floating in them, and the effect was awesome.

I made this track last weekend after listening to camp on repeat for the last week. childish gambino is making a strong play for my favorite album of the year. check out his record, enjoy this music, and come back each week for new tracks right here. run and tell that like paul revere/antoine dodson and all that biz.

more animal than the zoo allow,





Nov 10 2011

pour me another: the official wait what drink


the folks at drinkify have made a pretty cool app — one that’s made especially cool by the fact that it’s given me an official drink, and it sounds like a good one, too. it provides music and relevant drink recipes  — thanks to the team at drinkify for a job well done, and I’m especially happy that my drink is contextually relevant: a fancy gin and juice. tweet it here