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this is real life

this is real life

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this is real life by wait what

after a couple months of work, I’m happy to announce that this is real life is available today. to cut to the chase for those of you who don’t like reading artist statements, here are all your salient details:

-the record is free, but you can pay what you want and all profits go to 826 Valencia to promote youth writing.
-the awesome people over at
indieshuffle put the record out with me
-I’m playing a
CD release show in SF tonight (8/31) at Kimo’s (21+, 9PM, Polk @ Pine) with Hoodie Allen - if somehow you haven’t checked him out yet, you have to.
-if you like the record, share it with a friend -- burn a cd, play it at a party, put some tracks on a mixtape for someone. or you could go the digital route and
connect via facebook, tweet about it, vote on hype machine, or get in touch with me via email

I had so much fun making this -- it’s called this is real life because as I was making it, a lot of things in my life seemed to fall into place, and I’d step back every once in awhile and just make sure that it all was real. I hope you guys get some of the fun out of this record that I got creating it.

sincerely, thank you for listening to my project -- I hope you enjoy it,


p.s. if you run a blog and want to write about it, that’d be awesome! feel free to go right ahead, but if I can help out with anything or you want to do an interview, feel free to get in touch: pr (at) waitwhatmusic (dot) com and check out this press release (PDF). enormous thanks to everyone who has already.

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cd release show: tues 8/31


the new record is coming out next week, and I’m playing a CD release show with hoodie allen in san francisco. salient details:

tuesday, august 31 at 9:00pm
kimo’s, sf (1351 polk @ pine)
21+, $6, all profits go to 826 valencia for youth writing

I’ll be playing with live drums and performing selections off the new mixtape as well as from the notorious xx. stop by, grab some drinks, and enjoy a great night -- bring some friends and rsvp here. spread the word, looking forward to seeing you there!

-charlie (wait what)

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new single: i gotcha right moves (lupe fiasco vs. onerepublic)

i gotcha right moves [lupe fiasco vs. onerepublic]
(click to download)

“I warned y’all cornballs I hush puppies”

introducing ‘i gotcha right moves’ -- lupe fiasco’s ‘i gotcha’ vs. onerepublic’s ‘all the right moves.’ the download is free, or also available as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ (what you want can be $0), but all profits are going to 826 Valencia to support youth writing. so feel free to send to some compadres, put it on your facebook page, tweet about it, or phone a friend. the new album, this is real life, is coming august 30. I had a lot of fun putting the album (and this track) together, and can’t wait to share it with you guys.

until then, please enjoy this track, and let me know what you think on the facebook page and vote it up on hype machine. cheers!

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347-WTWHT-01: leave a voicemail for the new wait what mixtape


"I give you my number, you call me up"

one of the coolest things about the notorious xx spreading the way it did is that I’ve gotten some really awesome notes from people who have checked it out and told their friends about it. I’ve been working on a new mixtape called this is real life (more details soon), and as part of it, I’m embarking on a new idea -- sampling your voice for the intro to the record. so here’s how it works:

1. call me up! 347-WTWHT-01 (which is 347-989-4801)
2. leave a voicemail (all calls go straight to vm) about whatever you want: what you thought of the notorious xx, what type of music you like, how your summer’s going -- it’s all fair game . it’d be cool if you said the name of the mixtape -- this is real life -- and if you left your name and where you’re from.
3. I’ll sift through the voicemails and sample a couple of them to make the intro (and maybe some skits) for the new mixtape.

be creative, funny, enthusiastic -- have fun with it! i’m trying to get a collection of voices to start the record on the right foot, so being psyched for what you’re talking about can really help. if you leave me a message, include your email (I won’t sample your full email address) and I’ll send you the link to download the new record before it’s released to the public.

that’s pretty much it -- you can leave more than one if you want, and I’ll be going through them around august 9, so try to get them in by then. also, by leaving the voicemail, you acknowledge that I have the right to sample the message (or parts of it) that you leave. I won’t include any private information in any of the samples. unfortunately, there’s no monetary reward for contributing a voicemail, though I will send you the download link for the new record early if you include your email (either in the message or email me -- waitwhat (at) waitwhatmusic (dot) com -- after leaving a message). typical calling rates apply (it’s a new york area cell phone number).

thanks guys -- really looking forward to hearing what you submit!

charlie (wait what)

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