Dec 21 2011

wait what wednesday: two words: night call (mos def, kanye west & freeway vs kavinsky & lovefoxxx)

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number seven (wonders of the world/minutes in heaven) of the series to give you one for each day of the week of these wait what wednesdays. this one came about from mos def, kanye, and freeway watching drive and then starting a cipher in the alley behind the movie theater to make two words: night call.

been a pretty good week — saw jay-z and kanye do watch the throne with my best friend, saw oh land play in sf, drove to LA and flew to hawaii with my girlfriend. about to jump off some cliffs into the ocean today, fly home tonight, and work on more music over the next week.

the cover art is of a beach drive around santa cruz a couple weeks ago, and I’d been listening to the drive soundtrack and thinking the synths that open this song could be cool to throw some hip hop over. mos def’s flow at the beginning of this track has that perfect percussive rhythm I was looking for, and thus the full track came to be out of the ether. until next week, happy festivus and all that

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