Mar 24 2012

wait what wednesday: the new karate workout (kanye west vs kennedy)

[click to download]

wait what wednesday isn’t a teenager anymore, with number 20 here presented by kanye west and kennedy explaining their optimal fitness plans for females with the new karate workout.

I found this kennedy song from a friend of mine posting it on facebook and then remembering it’s the song from the dollar shave club ad. was also really digging that it was about karate because one of the interesting tidbits about my girlfriend is that she’s a black belt and so thought it would be funny if the cover art was of her doing karate. couldn’t find a photo of that, though, and she might not have been super into it. anyway, the kanye track is a nice college dropout throwback and liked that it thematically fit.

sitting on a rooftop balcony in an apartment in berlin, and this city is spectacular — great food, cool areas, chill people. we were in copenhagen for a couple days earlier this week and had an awesome time there, too. flying to milan and driving around southern italy and france, arriving in barcelona the weekend of march 31. trying to get tickets to see rick ross in villeurbanne, france this week. the adventure moves forward.

“every tat mean something, that’s my word on my body,”

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