Sep 13 2011

nasd out album announcement

a year and a half ago, I made a record called the notorious xx. within a few days, it was featured on a lot of blogs, some cool newspapers and magazines, and I got to talk to people at radio stations in places I’d never been. it got downloaded a million times, and two weeks later, the hip hop half of the project wasn’t pleased and demanded it be taken down.


a year ago, I released a pay-what-you-want mixtape, with all profits going to 826 Valencia to help youth writing. together we raised $8500. since then, I’ve been able to play shows in Toronto for fashion week, at the top club in Bangkok, and in New York at Giants Stadium with Lil Wayne.


I spent this summer living in San Francisco, traveling to Bali, Canada and LA, and living in Rio de Janeiro for a month. in airports, cafes, hostels and apartments, I made a new album.


nasd out
nas vs washed out
coming 9.20
tell your friends

first single: life’s a fati

download it here

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