Mar 16 2012

wait what wednesday: lollipops in the sun (lil wayne, static major & kanye west vs memory tapes)

[click to download]

one away from twenty here with number nineteen in the wait what wednesday series. lil wayne, kanye, and static major run into memory tapes at a summer barbeque to create lollipops in the sun.

played a really fun show in palo alto last week, finished at 2am and then took the 6am flight to pheonix with my dad and spent last weekend there for the giants spring training (preseason baseball for those unacquainted). my best friend was there too and wrote a good argument for why everyone should go. hung out in the arizona sun for three days and then spent this week not sleeping and writing an obscene amount for the end of the quarter at Stanford. memory tapes makes some great summertime music, and their original track, sun hits, was a great soundtrack for the sun-soaked arizona days.

leaving tomorrow for copenhagen and backpacking/roadtripping around europe for two and a half weeks. still taking recs for what I should check out in Berlin, Copenhagen, northern Italy, and Barcelona: euro12 [at] waitwhatmusic [dot] com. be well, and listen to the new wiz khalifa mixtape if you haven’t.

“got the windows down, radio’s on,”

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