Feb 15 2012

wait what wednesday: don’t trip for us (trina & lil wayne vs mackintosh braun)


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fifteen, like the minutes of fame you get, as wait what wednesday gets to celebrate its Quinceañera. here we have trina and weezy f baby giving their brand of dating advice as mackintosh braun croons about the later stages of a relationship, and they combine to bring you don’t trip for us on the day following valentine’s day.

trina and lil wayne have an interesting history, making songs together, dating, and then making songs together about the single life shortly after breaking up. hip-hop, at the root of it, is people sharing their stories, and this one’s been an interesting one to follow. mackintosh braun is the kind of duo that could blow up pretty soon, and I’m surprised this song hasn’t yet — the original is called made for us, and is worth checking out.

this last week, I flew to DC and back, drove the three hours to lexington virginia, and had a great weekend visiting my sister in college. helped plan a conference at stanford, wrote one a paper on maybe my favorite topic, the san francisco giants, and met the CEO of the team along with one of the founders of Twitter. to top it off, had an excellent valentine’s day date in sf last night. until next time, my friends.

“baked a lot of bread but kept it off the books,”

2 Responses to “wait what wednesday: don’t trip for us (trina & lil wayne vs mackintosh braun)”

  1. Is the pic for this from Salt Lake City on I-80 heading up to Park City for Sundance? I swear this is right by the exit I take every day. Great track as well – Keep waitwhatwednesday coming!

  2. wow, great call! it absolutely is; taken a couple weeks ago when I went to sundance. thanks for checking out the track!


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