Jan 11 2012

wait what wednesday: dreams of an american ant empire (jay-z vs gorillaz & little dragon)

[click to download]


finally hitting double digits here at number 10 — look how fast this littleĀ wait what wednesday ritual has grown up. gorillaz started playing a ditty on a casio keyboard when little dragon walked in, shared some melodic heartfelt sentiments, and next thing you know, jay-z was up in the spot dropping that american gangster knowledge to details their dreams of an american ant empire.

I’m a big fan of jay-z’s american gangster album — I think it ranks up there with his best albums (should probably have it higher than it is there, but he’s got a pretty spectacular catalogue), and little dragon has been on the playlist for a bit. no ritual union here, but instead someone I follow on twitter linked to this gorillaz/little dragon song awhile back, and so decided to try it out.

the cover art is of a run to the pier I go to in san francisco with alcatraz in the background. if there were any people on alcatraz (like nic cage or sean connery), they’d probably look like ants in the distance.

returned to stanford this week, am in the midst of figuring out classes, and cooked a meal for a bunch of people. did yoga in a massive cathedral, spent a bunch of time with my parents, and worked on some music and meditation practices, and received a couple intriguing music offers. feeling good about 2012.

“hundred dollars a sock, two ankles — you do the math,”

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