my name is wait what
mix music, design art, release albums, & play shows
designed some clothes and a book of cartoons
millions of downloads & toured internationally
played with lil wayne, wiz khalifa, capital cities & more

i listen to a lot of hip hop, indie rock & various
other kinds of music, take the bits & pieces i like,
and sample those to bring out lesser-heard elements
of the original works. then i release the results for free.

played shows from new york to toronto to vegas to
bangkok. play with a band, do dj sets,
& play a live mashup project with shane mac

you can read the full story, more or less,
on wikipedia, and listen to the music below

fortunate to have work featured by:
the guardianuk · marc jacobs · new york magazine
rolling stone · prefix mag · pigeons & planes · pretty much amazing
theuntzandtheindie · free williamsburg · and a bunch of other blogs.

done some interviews & these were my favorites:
top 10 on warmer climes
columbia's blue and white
90.7 SYM radio, melbourne australia

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